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The St James Curriculum


At St James Primary School, we are committed to providing a rich and creative curriculum that prepares our pupils to be lifelong independent learners in the 21st Century. Our curriculum encompasses the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum in Reception and the National Curriculum in Years 1-6.


The St James curriculum is designed to develop enjoyment and commitment to learning. We aim to:

  • build on children’s strengths, interests and experiences,
  • develop confidence in their own ability to learn, whilst working both independently and co-operatively, and
  • foster a desire to enquire and find out for themselves.


Whilst equipping children with the essential skills of English and Maths, our curriculum:

  • provides rich content and varied contexts,
  • supports development and application of skills, knowledge and understanding
  • enables children to think critically, to solve problems, to become creative, innovative and enterprising.


Our curriculum is broad and balanced, wide enough for children to experience a range of subjects within the appropriate limits of their development and maturity. It is also balanced in terms of appropriate depth, range and time allowed. Subjects are integrated as much as possible to make the learning relevant and coherent. Cross-curricular links are planned for without losing focus of discrete knowledge and skills. When learning is first-hand, stimulating, memorable and enjoyable, children are more likely to engage and achieve. Children learn in different ways and at different rates and teachers take into account how diverse our learners are.


Through our Christian aims and values and the social and the emotional aspects of learning, we aim to develop a sense of moral responsibility and for children to understand that they are part of a community and in turn, are part of a culturally diverse wider world. We foster tolerance, consideration, respect and self-discipline. We want the learning in each year to be continuous and progressive building on prior knowledge and ensuring that progress can be made by every child. This may mean an individualised curriculum for some children and certain adaptations for children with specific educational needs or disability.


Read our full Curriculum Statement here including information about each subject