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Collective Worship

As a Church of England school our daily act of Collective Worship (or Assembly) is an important time that brings together members of the school community to worship and reflect. At the beginning of Daily Worship we light a candle to signify the start of this special time and at the close of worship we say a prayer. Worship is led by school leaders, teachers and children.


As well as assemblies based on our values, we also have singing assemblies, assemblies led by the Rector at St James Church and Class Assemblies, when families are invited into school. Once each week, worship takes the form of a Celebration Assembly when we hear about the children who have received a certificate of achievement, those that have obtained 20 Silvers on the Behaviour Ladder resulting in a Golden Postcard and children can celebrate successes out of school.


Children also have the opportunity for further prayer and reflection through the use of a Prayer Space. Here they can enjoy quiet time to think or prayer and can post prayer requests in a box for further guidance and support.