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Love Respect Unity

‘Be the Best You Can Be’


At St James Church of England Primary School, our mission statement ‘Be the Best You Can Be’ is at the heart of our curriculum. Through our values of Love, Respect and Unity, we teach children how to learn independently and collaboratively, enabling them to develop learning skills and behaviours that will help them to flourish in their education and beyond. Our curriculum supports the development of moral responsibility so that children understand that they are part of a community and, in turn, are part of a culturally diverse wider world. Themes, topics and social and emotional elements of learning support pupils to live their lives well and become valuable and responsible citizens.


We are committed to delivering a rich and creative curriculum through a combination of thematic studies and discrete subject teaching.  Our curriculum is broad, balanced and wide enough for children to experience a range of subjects and themes within the appropriate limits of their development and maturity. It is also balanced in terms of appropriate depth, range and time allowed. Subjects are integrated as much as possible to make the learning relevant and coherent. Cross-curricular links are planned for without losing focus of discrete knowledge and skills. This approach enables pupils to realise their potential not just in maths and literacy, but in all areas of learning.


The curriculum is taught using a range of styles and learning tools, including visual, kinaesthetic and auditory resources.  To ensure children engage fully with their learning, practical activities are planned whenever possible and the curriculum is enriched by workshops, educational visits and visitors, making learning stimulating, memorable and enjoyable. Children learn in different ways and at different rates and teachers take into account how diverse our learners are.


Read our full Curriculum Statement here including information about each subject or click on the icons below to view a particular subject.