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Welcome to our ‘Digital Leaders’ page


We are a group of KS2 children who are passionate about computing. We meet weekly with the aim of enhancing the standing of our subject with our peers as well as the teaching staff. Over the course of the year we hope to be involved in staff meetings as well as delivering an assembly.


The group, who had to complete an application form before joining, is led by Miss Frost who aims to enhance the leadership skills as the technical competence of the children involved. Please check back on our page and we will keep you posted on what we have been up to!


During October we wrote our own biographies using 2Blog on Purple Mash. Meet the Team:


Year 3

Albert: I like to watch games like Minecraft also l do maths on my computer. My grandad and I sometimes fiddle around on my computer – I also play games on my iPad. l love playing time table games.

Harry: Hi my name is Harry. I like computers because there are lots of games and I can help my aero suit. I have a pet called Rocky - it is a gerbil. I have a brother called Sam in Year 3. My favourite book is Horrid Henry.

Matei: I like computing because it’s fun to work on. It’s very addictive to go on purple mash, and lots of other things

Betsy: I like to dance a lot and I also love to play tennis. I’m very keen on crafts and I like to go crabbing as well.

Nia: My hobbies are swimming and street dance. I'm seven years old and my birthday is on 1st June. I have two brothers one called Albert the other is called Oshi. This is my first time in Digital Leaders I am excited for a new year of school.

Year 4:

Freya: I love flamingos. l am in Kestrels Class. l like playing scratch on the computer. l really want a pet. l am nine years old. I am in Year 4. l have a sister called Zoe. My name is Freya. l am the oldest in the year.

Jack: I like computing because I like technology. My favourite subject is maths. My favourite sport is football.

Dilan: I like computing because I like technology. My favourite subject is maths. My favourite sport is football.

Yannis: Hi I am Yannis. I am 8 and I am in Year 4. I like computing because I like using the Internet. I do not have any pets.

Year 5:

Jacob: Hi, my name is Jacob and I am 10 years old! I am in Year 5, and this is my second year in Digital Leaders. I like Video-Games, especially Minecraft and Roblox! My favourite sport is football although I like cricket as well. My favourite thing to do is to play video games, followed closely by football. Some of my video games are Minecraft, ROBLOX, Mario Kart8 Deluxe and Fast Racing NEO. So that’s all for now so Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Priya: Hello, my name is Priya and I’m 10 and in Falcon Class Year 5. I LOVE to play on my Xbox and my Phone - I normally play Minecraft or Roblox. I do a few clubs like Gymnastics and Swimming - I really like sports. This is my second year as a Digital Leader. I like computing because of the cool places you can go online and the people you can meet.

Bryony: Hi my name is Bryony and I am in Year 5 Falcon Class. I am 10 years old and I have a cat called Abby. I wanted to be a Digital Leader so I could help people on computers and so I can learn a bit about computers myself. This is my 2nd year doing Digital Leaders. At home I like to play on the iPad, PS4, and computer.

James: Hi there, my name is James and I am 10 years old. I am in Year 5 and this is my second year of Digital Leaders. My favourite thing in the world is football, followed closely by video games. Some of my favourites are FIFA 18, Rocket League, Minecraft, MarioKart 8 deluxe. That’s all for now.

Year 6:

Emily: Hi, my name is Emily. I am in Year 6 and I’m 10 years old. I have a sister who is 14 years old called Leah and a little brother called Oliver (who is turning 3 tomorrow!). In my house we have 4 different animals. We have 2 dogs - Luna and Nala, a fish and my pet hamster called Rose who is 1 year old. What I like about computing is playing games, coding on scratch and texting and keeping in touch with friends. When I am older I want to be a vet so I can help animals and cuddle them too. My favourite book is Harry Potter and Girl Online.

Daisy: Hi, my name is Daisy. I am 10 years old and in Year 6. I have a sister who is 5 years old and a Syrian hamster who is 2 years old. I have two best friends, one of them is called Emily (she has also written a blog on this website). My favourite thing about computing is being on scratch and coding. When I am older I want to be a vet so I can help animals and cuddle them too. My favourite book is Girl online.


Digital Leader activities


  • Programming:
    • Explored ‘chimp’ & ‘gibbon’ activities on 2Code
    • Explored Santa Tracker online e.g. creating a snowflake using code
  • Took part in an online safety pupil voice survey as part of our internal audit
  • Wrote and delivered a segment for our Safer Internet Day assembly
  • Enhanced our IT skills:
    • made cards to thank the radio station for our visit
    • created posters to advertise poppy sales
    • planned and designed individual websites for a local newsagent
    • wrote a book review for World Book Day
    • Recorded each other reading stories for the website
  • Completed a QR code quiz
  • Wrote and typed their own blog entry to introduce themselves on the school website
  • Created music via Chrome Music Lab
  • Explored DK Find out
  • Visited Brooklands Radio and interviewed live on air