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We have shared the story of 'Room on the Broom' and enjoyed writing spells! We used our sounds to write words and imaginative ideas including dog slobber!  We have been thinking about remembrance day too.  Have you seen our giant poppy sun-catcher in the window?  We hope you enjoy looking at all the other learning that has been happening this week too in the photos below!
Picture 1 Cutting out puppets to retell the story
Picture 2 Voting for the end of day story
Picture 3 Fine motor skill practise
Picture 4 Fireworks display
Picture 5 Grapheme recognition whilst playing!
Picture 6 Learning about 'one more' on the whiteboard
Picture 7 Books we've shared at story time already!
Picture 8 Making spells!
Picture 9 More supermarket role play fun!
Picture 10 Our brilliant self portraits!
Picture 11 Our fabulous witch painting!
Picture 12 Our special person circle time
Picture 13 Poppy inspired apple printing
Picture 14 Special person wears the cape for the day

November 2017:

In Ducklings class, we have been learning about Bonfire Night. We have been exploring colour mixing and have made some super firework-inspired art.  

We have painted firework toast, made rockets, designed safety posters and enjoyed eating edible sparklers too!  

Our new role play area is a supermarket and we have loved using the tannoy to make announcements , conveyor belt and scanner!  

We have introduced a 'listening station' to our reading garden this week for the children to listen to audio stories and nursery rhymes.

Picture 1 Chalk firework patterns
Picture 2 Creating rockets!
Picture 3 Decorating edible sparklers
Picture 4 Designing safety posters for Bonfire Night
Picture 5 Enjoying our toast!
Picture 6 Exploring colour mixing
Picture 7 Exploring firework themed sensory tray
Picture 8 Name practise using the rainbow pen
Picture 9 Our supermarket
Picture 10 Painting firework patterns on toast
Picture 11 Taking care of CDs at the listening station
Picture 12 Taking turns playing the shopping trolley game