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We believe setting of regular homework encourages children to take responsibility for their own work and fosters greater independence in learning. It is therefore an integral part of their education.

The type and amount of homework set will change as the children get older. For children in Reception Class and Key Stage 1, developing a partnership with parents and involving them actively in children’s learning is the key to success. As the children move into Key Stage 2, homework provides an opportunity for children to develop the skills of independent learning and this increasingly becomes its main purpose.

It is important that children gradually get into the habit of regularly devoting periods of time to studying on their own. By the time children reach Year 6 their homework programme will cover a range of tasks and curriculum content with a regular weekly schedule in preparation for transition to the next stage of their education.

However, we recognise that while homework is important, it should only represent a proportionately small amount of a child’s life outside school. It is important that children are free to enjoy other activities of their own choosing.

At St. James we believe that homework is a shared responsibility between home and school and it is this partnership that will support children’s progress and success.