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Year 2 Christmas Performance 2018: Straw and Order

Please have a listen to our Christmas songs via the link below - this will help the children to learn the words and music.

03 the wisest men.mp3

01 we%27re not moving out.mp3

02 full to the brim.mp3

04 follow me.mp3

05 the sheep shimmy.mp3

06 glory to God.mp3

07 precious baby.mp3

08 that first Christmas night.mp3

09 we%27re not moving out-music.mp3

10 full to the brim - music.mp3

11 the wisest men- music.mp3

12 follow me-music.mp3

13 the sheep shimmy-music.mp3

14 glory to God-music.mp3

15 precious baby-music.mp3

16 that first Christmas night-music.mp3