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To Be The Best We Can Be

Love - John 13 v 34: 'Love one another as I have loved you'

Respect - 1 Peter 2:17 'Show proper respect to everyone…'

Unity - Psalm 133:1  'How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!'

Easter Pause Day 2019

Easter Pause Day 2019 1 Easter Pause Day Worry Stones
Easter Pause Day 2019 2 Our Whole School Cross

"RE is important because it helps us to understand ourselves and other faiths more deeply."  Eloise, Year 6


"My best lesson was the decorated cross and thinking of all the names for God on it." Luke, Year 1

Easter Service 2019

Easter Service 2019 1
Easter Service 2019 2
Easter Service 2019 3
Easter Service 2019 4
Easter Service 2019 5
Easter Service 2019 6

"Our lessons teach us to be nicer and to help others more." Aniela, Year 5

Pentecost Pause Day 2019

Pentecost Pause Day 2019 1 Our symbolic Pentecost cake
Pentecost Pause Day 2019 2 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Pentecost Pause Day 2019 3 Our prayer tree
Pentecost Pause Day 2019 4 Jesus loves you in languages spoken at our school

What is the essence of God's Salvation Plan? "It's just to spread love!"  Ethan, Year 5

Synagogue Visit

Synagogue Visit 1 Reading the Torah Scroll
Synagogue Visit 2 The table prepared for Shabbat
Synagogue Visit 3 Year 4 Learning About the Torah

"My favourite RE lesson was on the Torah and learning more about it." Sam, Year 1

Dementia Awareness Week

Dementia Awareness Week 1 Sensory Memory Walk at St James Church
Dementia Awareness Week 2 Sharing Memories with our Community

"I love it when we sing to old people." Alice, Year 4


"We meet different people in our community when we learn about other faiths." Isobel, Year 5

Learning About Sikhism

Learning About Sikhism 1 Jasdip sharing her faith - Sikhism
Learning About Sikhism 2 The art of tying a turban


Wintershall 1 Exploring the Power of Humility
Wintershall 2 Drama Workshop on the Life of Christ

Salvation Army Appeal

Salvation Army Appeal 1 United as a School we Made a Difference
Salvation Army Appeal 2 Learning About the Work of the Salvation Army