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Pupil Voice

School Council

Our school council raises awareness of the democratic society that we live in and the British Values that we promote. Two class members from each class in Key Stage 2 are elected to represent the views of their peers.  Meetings take place on a regular basis, with a Chair and a Secretary leading and recording outcomes from the agenda items .  The aims are to involve the children in driving school improvement and provide a forum for them to discuss their ideas related to any aspect of school life.  The School Council also organizes charity and fund-raising events and runs competitions such as a national Road Safety poster competition in which we have previously had a winning entry. They held an assembly reminding the children about taking care when crossing roads, even the ones outside of school that may not seem that busy. Their next task is to canvass views on how to further improve break-times, deciding what the school could purchase to enhance this important part of the school day.


Eco Committee

Everyone at St James is aware of how precious the world is that we live in and we have an active Eco Committee who promote environmental awareness across the school.  This committee includes representatives from Year 3 to Year 6. The aims are to develop and learn from an annual programme of activities to deepen understanding of local and global environmental issues including a Green Week which has included a ‘Trashion Fashion Show’.


Prefects and Playground Buddies

Children in Year 6 can apply to become a Prefect, which is an extremely important role in our school. Special responsibilities include aiding the smooth running of lunchtimes in the Dinner Hall, running the Computer Club in the ICT Suite for children who need support with homework  or research tasks and supervising the Infant corridor, cloakrooms and entrance as our younger children make their way out to play.


Pupil Surveys

The results from one of our pupil surveys noted:

  • they are proud to be pupils at St James
  • they feel safe at school and know who to go to if worried or sad
  • they say adults help them to improve their work
  • they feel the school listens to their ideas
  • they are taught to be polite, kind and respectful

There are a few areas that we have to work with the children on, either by gathering more information, involving them further in policy 


Worry Boxes

Our children tell us that they know who to go to if worried or sad. If the opportunity to speak to an adult does not arise or children prefer to write something down, they can post a worry in their class Worry Box, safe in the knowledge that their teacher will read it and respond.