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School Clubs

**MARCH 2021 - Our teacher-led extracurricular clubs are currently unable to run.  This page will be regularly updated when we able to offer more information.**


We believe that extra-curricular opportunities such as clubs enhance a child’s experience of school life and allows them to enjoy and achieve in a different context and mix with other children and adults.


There are a number of clubs operating throughout the school year for children of all ages. Some are led by teachers; others by parents,  sports coaches or other outside agencies. Therefore some clubs incur a cost and have a maximum number that can participate.

The range of activities offered often includes music, drama, languages, sports, arts/crafts and cookery. Some are held during school hours such as at lunchtime and others happen before or after school.


Please see the school office staff for further information and keep up-to-date by reading our fortnightly newsletter (see News and Dates section).



Sunrise and Sunset Clubs

**March 2021 - Our breakfast and after school clubs are now open ***