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Year 3

School Closure Home Learning Pack

Please feel free to download and use the activities in this pack.



Please read with your child for 15 minutes every day. Talk to them about their understanding of the book that they are reading. Within your discussion you could talk about the characters, setting, emotions, predictions and their general understanding of the text. You reading to your child is also an important and valuable activity.



Think about your favourite story, e.g. a fairy tale. Can you retell it using your most exciting words, best spelling and handwriting? Try to remember your finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. You could also try adding in speech (remember to use inverted commas), using question marks and commas.



Please practise practical number skills with your child. Activities could include: counting objects at home, counting forwards and backwards, counting in multiples of differing amounts, measuring ingredients and telling the time. Also make time each day to revise times tables.


The Wider Curriculum

Please find below a selection of websites that you could access with your child to explore the wider curriculum. These include science, geography, history, art, French and PE.