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Vision and Values

Over the past few months the pupils, staff and governors at St James have been revisiting the vision and values.  These are at the heart of what we are doing here at St James and set our strategy and drive for our school improvement. 

Having considered the views of all these groups we have decided to add Courage to our Values from September. This draws on the resilience and strength that all the children face when they find things hard at school and in life. Including this value will allow us to teach children how to show courage in tricky times as well teach them to build resilience when times get challenging.  

Also at St James we have reflected on our school vision. Drawing on our belief that we would like all children to shine bright in the world and display their talents, we have decided to change our vision strap line to  " Let your light shine" 

Our full vision statement can be seen below :

At St James we are a welcoming inclusive church school community. Collectively, we spark a love of life-long learning and ignite enquiring minds to explore life in all its fullness. All are inspired to recognise, develop and appreciate our talents and use them to illuminate the path for ourselves and one another. We kindle courage to share our light in the world.

 Our vision is inspired by Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:16.

 We live out our vision through our values of Love, Unity, Respect and Courage.

As part of our relaunch of this within the school, we have commissioned some artwork to decorate the hall. You will also see this image as our new header for our newsletter and on banners outside school and at the church.