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Our children are well behaved, polite and kind. We model, reinforce and promote positive behaviour through our consistent approach to behaviour management, our school values and our high expectations.

From time to time, children’s behaviour may dip for a number of reasons. We talk to our children about ‘making the right choices’ and carefully explain to them the consequences of their actions using our Behaviour Ladders, so that they have the opportunity to rectify their behaviour and start afresh. Each session can then be a new start.

We talk to the children about where they are on the Behaviour Ladder and why, rewarding good behaviour with house points, stickers, certificates and special awards from the Deputy Headteacher and Headteacher.

Equally, we employ a number of sanctions, appropriate to the child’s age, to uphold our high standards of behaviour. Children have time to reflect and make amends and can then quickly move on.