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At St James, we believe that French is an important part of the overall curriculum and as a result we strive to deliver an engaging and appealing offering to our children.

All pupils study French between years 3 and 6 and enjoy a weekly 30-60 minute French lesson with a specialist teacher. The teaching focuses on the development of phonological and grammatical awareness in addition to broadening vocabulary knowledge.  In year 3 children begin with an immersion into basic French language, learning words and simple structures.  By the end of year 6 they will understand a range of vocabulary and grammar which they can apply in their writing and speaking. In addition to the language learning, we offer lessons on many aspects of French culture such as Bastille Day and Francophone countries.

The required 4 language skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening form an integral part of the weekly learning and are used to practise and develop language. We encourage regular participation of the spoken French to build confidence to enable the children to communicate with each other and further afield.

We use a fun and interactive software package called Rigolo as well as a range of other resources such as online interactive games, songs and poetry to complement the teaching.

It is our aim that our Year 6 pupils leave St James well prepared and enthusiastic about French at senior school and in the wider world.