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At St James, the National Curriculum underpins our Geography curriculum. Our progression documents set out the development of knowledge and process knowledge (skills) that are essential foundations for being a Geographer. Through studying Geography, pupils will develop a strong understanding of the diversity of people and places within the UK and across the world.  We are fortunate to have local amenities and features close to our school, such as the River Thames and Brooklands, which we incorporate into our planning to bring the study of the local physical and human Geography to life; something we feel is essential to inspire our children to become aware of and promote interest in their surroundings. Pupils will have the opportunity to ask questions, find answers and evaluate information critically whilst building their recall and knowledge of how physical geography impacts human geography. Pupils will develop their ability to compare localities, and to recognise the diversity that occurs across the globe.

Geography teaching is underpinned by the Rising Stars geography curriculum to ensure progression and good subject knowledge. Teachers plan from the progression documents, and use the localities and geographical understanding outlined within the scheme. Teachers will use their expertise about when global events provide an opportunity for reinforcing the knowledge, understanding and process knowledge (skills) within the curriculum, and may from time to time plan responsive discrete lessons. Teachers adapt their teaching in response to ongoing assessment to ensure accurate and fluent recall of core knowledge. They provide ongoing feedback, which supports the development of the required skills for this subject.