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By learning History, our pupils will develop their ability to think critically, evaluate evidence, and ask questions – all essential to being an excellent Historian. Pupils learn about different civilizations and cultures throughout time, and across the globe, and develop their knowledge and understanding of significant people and events in British History.

We believe that children should have a rich understanding of their local heritage. This is why local history is woven into our history curriculum to ensure it is explicitly taught and that links with larger historical themes are made. For example, in Year 3, children consider the significance of local Tudor Palaces such as Oatlands Palace and Hampton Court Palace. In Year 6, children research and compare the impact of the First and Second World Wars on the local area. In Year 2, children learn about local heroes such as John Cobb, who held the ultimate lap record at Brooklands race course.  

Through studying History, pupils will develop their understanding of the diversity of the world, and the impact of key decisions taken by historical figures. Teaching is underpinned by the National Curriculum and based on the Rising Stars History scheme of work to ensure progression of skills, knowledge, concepts and vocabulary. The development of knowledge and skills we expect is set out in our curriculum overview and progression documents.