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Our School Governors

What we do

The Governing Body

The work of the Governing Body at St James is to support and provide direction to the school in its efforts to attain the very best education possible for the children in our care. We are passionate about our roles and help maintain the vision and values that make St James such a special place of learning for our children. The Governing Body supports and challenges the school to improve standards and is accountable for the performance of the school by implementing the following:

Providing a Strategic View – The Governing Body sets the general direction of the school, looking at how it should best develop. This is done by reviewing and agreeing priorities, targets and policies and monitoring and reviewing aims and objectives.

Acting as a Critical Friend – We promote the school and support its work by monitoring and evaluating the school’s effectiveness. We as the Governing Body work with the Headteacher to create a clear understanding of the challenges faced in managing a school. The Governing Body is able to question and challenge. This is achieved in a positive manner.

Ensuring Accountability – Governors are the “responsible” body and it is our job to be accountable to our pupils, their parents and carers and all other stakeholders, for the decisions we make as a Governing Body and for the academic and personal developmental progress our pupils make. It is also our role as governors to hold the school to account on behalf of the stakeholder groups of whom we are representative members.


Most governing bodies use a committee structure to undertake their monitoring and evaluation roles. Our governors achieve this by being members of one or two committees that meet once or twice a term, or more if necessary. The Chair of Governors has an overview on all committees.

Finance & Accommodation Committee The Finance Committee has the brief to 'maintain an active budget, responding to changes in funding received and expenditure required, so funds are available to meet the school's identified spending plans. The committee will model and forecast expenditure and income as far as is reasonably possible to assist the development of a fundable school plan'.

Learning & Welfare Committee The Learning & Welfare Committee has the brief to 'monitor and challenge the school, so that teaching and learning flourish, pupils make the best possible academic progress, standards are achieved and maintained and staff are supported and developed’. The committee is also responsible for maintaining the high standards of welfare for all our children while at school.

Personnel & Equality Committee – The Personnel Committee works with the Headteacher to review, amend and update all personnel policies and procedure such as staff discipline, grievance, capability, pay and staff absence. The committee is involved in all procedures relating to the recruitment, selection and appointment of staff to comply with the law as well as reviewing staffing structure and budgets on a regular basis to ensure we meet the evolving needs of the school. The committee is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the staff appraisals and development plan.

The Governors and Committees

Chair of Governors: Michele Dainty

Vice Chair: Greg Pearce

Finance and Accomodation:  Greg Pearce (Chair), Kate Brown, Father Damian & Hayley Atkins. Plus the Chair of Governors & Headteacher as ex officio members.

Learning & Welfare Committee:

Andrew Short (Chair), Alex Guest, Jane Mason, Christy Doyle. Plus the Chair of Governors & Headteacher as ex officio members.

Personnel & Equality Committee:

David Tregidgo (Chair), Ellie Field, Pippa Graeme & Hayley Atkins.Plus Headteacher as an ex officio member.

We have specialist committees for pay, pay review appeals, pupil appeals, pupil exclusions, staff appeals and staff disciplinary action.

We also, individually, have close links with the school and specialist roles. We visit the classrooms and school frequently. We attend Church visits and celebrations, assemblies, PTA events and much more.

Specialist Governor Roles the school year 2023/2024:

  • EYFS–Alex Guest
  • Pupil Premium: Jane Mason
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection– Andrew Short
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) – Jane Mason 
  • Looked after Children (LAC) – Andrew Short
  • RE – Father Damian Harrison-Miles 
  • Health & Safety: Greg Pearce
  • Reading Governor: Kate Brown 
  • Behaviour and Anti-bullying : Kate Brown 
  • Maths: David Tregidgo 
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging: Ellie Field
  • Health & Safety Advisor – Rory Morahan
  • School Fund Trustees –Headteacher