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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning boosts confidence, social skills, communication, motivation, physical skills, knowledge and understanding. It has also been found to boost children’s self-esteem, self-confidence, ability to work cooperatively and positive attitude to learning. We are very fortunate at St James to have extensive grounds and we are keen to make use of them within our curriculum. 

In Reception, children venture outside every week for their outdoor learning day. The staff team carefully select learning activities to enhance and develop their learning and development by using our field, woodland area, the nest, allotments, Hagrid hut and playgrounds. 

We have a set of all-in-one waterproof fleece-lined suits that Reception children use weekly to ensure that they can access the outdoor learning whatever the weather. To help them improve their physical development, the Reception children have regular access to our balance bikes.

As the children progress through the school, we use the outside areas as much as possible to enhance the curriculum as we believe that children will thrive when they have regular access to outside environment. 

Watch this space as we are working on integrating regular outdoor learning days into Year 1 and Year 2 over the next term as teachers deliver the national curriculum lessons in the school grounds.