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Year 4

KS2 Remote Learning Provision

Please find above a copy of our KS2 Remote Learning Provision which has been implemented since January 4th 2021. 

Home Learning Resources


Please read with your child for 15 minutes every day. Talk to them about their understanding of the book that they are reading. Within your discussion you could talk about the characters, setting, emotions, predictions and their general understanding of the text. You reading to your child is also an important and valuable activity.


Please find below the link for a series of 4 lessons on suffixes for past and present tense, 5 English grammar lessons and a sequence of lessons on writing a non-chronological report about Angler fish. Please complete one lesson from the sequence of 10 writing activities per day and one lesson from either spelling rules or sentence structure.


Please find below the link for a series of lessons on reasoning with 4-digit numbers. This is a series of 10 lessons. Please complete one lesson per day with your child.

The Wider Curriculum

Please find below a link to some lessons on the wider curriculum. Each subject area has a series of lessons. Please aim to complete two wider curriculum lessons per day. Try to choose two lessons from different subject areas.

Science  - Rock Cycle

Geography - South America

Music  - Pulse and Metre

History - Prehistoric Britain


We understand that during a time of self-isolating your children will not be able to go out to participate in their usual activities. Please find below a link to the Joe Wicks workouts. Encourage your child to complete one of these workouts each day.