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Year 6

Life in Year 6: The Top of the School!

There’s probably only one word to describe life in Year 6 - busy! Year 6 means the end of primary school and building up to saying goodbye to St James. We grapple with some big issues in our topics, such as Global Warming, Climate Change and the Impact of War. We study The Mayans and The Ancient Greeks and consider Our World in the Future. We go on a  residential visit and we put on a production in the Summer Term. And we can’t forget the end of primary school assessments -SATS- that we need to be ready for in May and show off just how awesome we are. 

So, hold onto your hats Year 6. It’s busy. It’s fun. It’s hard work. But we promise it’s worth it.

Meet The Team

  • Eagles: Mrs Powick, Mrs Richardson and Mrs von Eynern
  • Hawks: Mrs Sykes and Mrs Armella

Our Learning